Cool Science Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids

7 Cool Science Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids

Are you looking for some science experiments you can do with kids? If yes, then below, we have listed some fun-filled science experiments that are easy but will be enjoyed by your kids. The curiosity and enthusiasm of kids make them natural scientists. They love to experiment, clarify things by asking questions and want to try how things work on their own. Why not encourage their curiosity by doing some cool science experiments with them. Many experiments can be carried out easily at home without scientific tools and devices. Here are 7 science experiments that can be carried out in your backyard at your home.

1. Dyed Flowers

Cool Science Experiments You Can Do With Your KidsHave you ever thought of dyeing natural flowers in your favourite colours? This experiment will tell you how to do it. All you need is white carnations, assorted food colours, medium-sized plastic cups, water and scissors.

Fill each plastic cup with water until it fills half of the container. Add a few drops of food colouring in each of the water-filled bowls. Make sure water in each cup is of a different colour to make the outcome a colourful one. Carefully cut the carnation flower stems up to an inch or two using scissors.

Now put each flower in a single cup. Wait for an hour or two to observe the colour of the petals. Leave the flowers in the bowl for a day. You will then find the flowers change their colours beautifully, which is the colour of the food colour used in the water.

2. Floating Egg

Have your kids ever wondered what happened to eggs when placed in a glass of water? You will need one egg, water, a cup of salt, a large drinking glass and a spoon. Fill half of the glass with water and place the egg in the water; it should sink. Remove the egg and add the entire salt to the water and mix well till it dissolves. Now place the egg again in the saltwater. What did you notice? Surprisingly the egg floats in the water. Add more freshwater to the saltwater carefully till the glass is full. If you place the egg now in the water, it will float between saltwater and freshwater. Isn’t it amazing?

3. Flying Ping Pong Ball

Cool Science Experiments You Can Do With Your KidsHave your kids ever saw ping pong ball flying in the air on its own. You need a hairdryer and a ping pong ball to make it fly. Plugin hairdryer and set it to a blower mode, if that is not available then set it to a hot air mode.

Turn on the dryer and place the ping pong ball near the air outlet of the dryer. The ball floats in the air just above the nozzle of the hairdryer. Try all the three settings; low medium and high, and see how the flying height of the pin pong ball changes for each setting.

4. Invisible Extinguisher

You can show your kid how an invisible extinguisher will turn the flame off in the cup without blowing it out. You will need a large drinking glass or a plastic container, small drinking glass or cup, tea light and lighter. Place the tea light in the small drinking glass and light it using the lighter.

Let the lighted candle stay in the glass. In a large drinking glass pour vinegar, then add baking soda in small quantities and wait for some time till the foam disappears. Tilt the large glass onto the small drinking glass with tea light holder; the flame is put out due to carbon dioxide released.

5. Super cool Soda

Cool Science Experiments You Can Do With Your KidsChill your soda in few minutes using this cool science experiment. You will need 2 bottles of water and drink or juice. Put the bottle into freezer for an hour. Now take it out and pour it over an ice cube in a large drinking glass, if it is super cool then the consistency will change to a thick liquid consistency. However, if it is still watery, place the bottle back in the freezer for a few minutes and repeat pouring it till the consistency is obtained.

6. Orange Fizz

Make your kids feel that orange fizz in their mouths with this orange fizz experiment. All you need is an orange and ½ teaspoon of baking soda. Peel and cut the orange into thin slices or sections. Dip a slice into the baking soda and ask the kids to chew them, their mouths start to feel the bubbly fizz inside. It is due to the mixing of acid and base.

Oranges are citrus fruits, and orange juice is acidic, and baking soda is alkaline and is a base. When the acid and base mixes, the mixture releases a lot of carbon dioxide in the form of bubbles which makes you feel the fizz in your mouth.

7. Dry Erase Picture Dance

Cool Science Experiments You Can Do With Your KidsShow your kids how easily you can erase a picture drawn in a plate without using an eraser. You will need a glass plate or a bowl; dry-erase market and water. Draw a small picture on the glass plate. A stick picture will be a good one for this. Slowly pour water into the dish from one side of the plate. You can notice that the stick picture is lifted and starts moving around in the plate.

The marker ink is a mixture of pigments and alcohol. When you pour water into the dish, the alcohol dissolves, leaving the pigment behind as solid. The smooth surface of the glass makes the solid slide along with the water. You can make the stick picture dance by swirling the water in the plate. Isn’t it unbelievable for the kids to watch?